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Ungardening is an installation that aims to document specimens of native plants found in different vacant lots in Montreal. Persistent in the face of ecological disturbances on several levels, these species resist different types of repression and violence due in large part to the constant invasion of unexploited areas within cities, as well as the capitalist system in which our company is established. Using traditional and contemporary textile construction techniques, each of the compositions represents the biodiversity of these places juxtaposed with images from archives. In a context where the market is focused on everything that is mass produced and delivered quickly; this project spiritually approaches artisanal techniques as well as urban spaces by trying to form links between the physical and constant changes that the city undergoes and the transformation of textile fibers. It is in this kind of reminiscence and contemplation that the work is embedded as it attempts to reveal the uninterrupted effects of colonialism on present-day society.

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